Windows couldn’t connect to the windows all-user install agent service

“Windows couldn’t connect to the windows all-user install agent service. Please consult your system administrator.”
This error displays at logon to Windows 8
(Note, this only affects Windows 8, not Windows 8.1.)

This service handles the installation of AppX (Metro/Tile World/Windows Store) applications. Somehow this service is being disabled.

This problem can prevent standard (non-administrator) users from logging on to the computer or running certain software.

To fix this you must first logon to an account that is in the Local Administrators group.

Open a Command Prompt As Administrator (this can be done from the Start Screen by searching for CMD, and then right click on the Command Prompt tile and choose Run as Administrator from the App Bar). Then, execute the following commands:

sc config AllUserInstallAgent start=demand
net start AllUserInstallAgent

Then do a FULL shutdown – from the same Administrative Command Prompt type:

shutdown /s /f /t 5

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