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The most common complaint that I hear about the “new” Windows (8, 8.1 & 10) is that the old Solitaire is no longer included and Microsoft have made the new “app” advert supported.

So it’s good to know that the XP version of Solitaire will work just fine on Windows 8-10.

Trouble is, you have to find a hard disk with XP on it and copy off a couple of files to paste into your new Windows installation.

The files are “sol.exe” and “cards.dll” and they live in the “Windows\System32” folder of Windows XP.  Copy them via a USB stick into a new folder (call it “Solitaire”) in the “Program Files (x86)” folder of Windows 8-10. Create a shortcut to “sol.exe” on the desktop or Start menu and the jobs done!

So simple, if you can find an old XP installation!

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