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Displaying "missing" information (blank boxes) in Thunderbird.

You can set this to happen automatically as follows:

Single left-click the Thunderbird menu button (the three horizontal lines at top right) - a small box will open.

Hover the mouse pointer over "Options" (in Windows) or "Preferences" (in Linux) - another small box will open.

Single left-click "Options" (in Windows) or "Preferences" (in Linux) at the top of this box - a bigger "Thunderbird Preferences" box will open.

Single left-click the "Privacy" button.

At the top you will see the phrase "allow remote content in messages".  There should be a cross in the box at the beginning of that.  If not then click that box to put a cross there.

Single left-click the "Close" button in the bottom right-hand corner of the "Thunderbird Preferences" box.

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