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How to print a BT email using Chrome

Modern email programs and webmail sites don't have a prominent "Print" button or icon.

This may be intentional to prevent wasteful printing, but it is very annoying!  So...

Open the Chrome browser

Go to the BT email sign-in page -

Log in with your email address and password

Left-click to open the email that you want to print.

Left-click the "...More " button


Left-click "Print"


Left-click the "OK" button


A Print window will open - left-click the word "Print"


The Print window will change to show you exactly what you are going to print (on the right-hand side) and give you all the options on the left hand side -

Check and choose the correct Destination (Printer name),

Select which Pages to print,

Select the number of Copies to print,

Choose the paper Layout - portrait or landscape,

Choose Color or Black and white

and there are More settings if you want.

Finally left-click on the blue "Print" button and you should get exactly what you want (assuming that your printer is switched on, connected to your PC or Network, has sufficient ink, has paper loaded, is not jammed, etc!).

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